Edward's Client vs. NorthWestern Corporation: $21,454,539 verdict obtained and affirmed in the Montana Supreme Court on behalf of former Montana Power Company employees whose supplemental retirement contracts were wrongfully terminated by NorthWestern Energy in bankruptcy proceedings. It represented the 87th largest verdict nationally that year and one of the largest ever in Montana. The case also included claims from NorthWestern's bankruptcy attorneys from the world wide law firm of Paul Hastings which were settled for a confidential amount one month before trial.

Edward's Client vs. Payless Shoes and Payless Store #2655 in Billings, Montana: $1.5 million verdict for failing to provide a safe place to work for an employee who was assaulted. The verdict was affirmed by the Montana Supreme Court holding that police officers are not "experts" requiring formal disclosure of opinions under Rule 26.

Edward's Client vs. Burlington Northern Railroad Co.: $14.5 million verdict for environmental and groundwater contamination from toxins wrongfully dumped in the Livingston landfill.

Edward's Client vs. United States Fidelity Guaranty Company and the Phillips County Insurance: $7.2 million verdict against insurance carrier for failing to pay for the loss and damages when the Malta High School was totally destroyed by a fire in 1995.

Edward's Client vs. Burlington Northern Railroad Company: $250 million verdict that was later overturned on appeal by the United States Supreme Court.

Edward's Client vs. Wabash Life Insurance Company; ICH Companies; Standard Life & Accident Insurance Co.; and Great Commonwealth Life Insurance Co.: $1.6 million verdict for a wrongful denial of insurance coverage.

Edward's Client vs. D-2 Trucking Inc.: $3.117 million verdict for a mother and her son who were injured in a vehicle accident at the intersection of South Billings Boulevard and the I-90 freeway on-ramp caused by a semi-truck driver.

Edward's Client vs. Safeco: $5.225 million verdict in a lawsuit for bad faith, fraud, misrepresentation and breach of the insurance contract. Verdict was later reduced to $1 million by the Montana Supreme Court.

Edward's Client vs. Western Community T.V., Inc.: $2.5 million verdict in a wrongful death claim for the estate of a Montana Power Company foreman who was crushed between two vehicles.

Edward's Client vs. Vermeer Manufacturing Company: $947,537 verdict.

Edward's Client vs. State Farm: Jury verdict against insurance company for abuse in pursing a subrogation claim. Affirmed on appeal by the Montana Supreme Court holding that punitive damages are separate and not subject to reduction for comparative negligence.

Edward's client vs. Missoula County: Jury awarded $870,000 to a woman whom was taken into custody for a probation violation but had suffered from and continued to suffer from alcohol withdrawal seizures. Even though the county new from their intake interview with the woman that she was susceptible to the seizures, the County failed to follow its own policies and procedures to care for the woman and she died while incarcerated from alcohol withdrawal seizures. The jury attributed 35% of the negligence to the woman reducing the total award to $565,500.