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April 2013 Archives

Teen driver sleeps, injures woman in a car accident in Billings

Accidents can happen anywhere and at any time. People hear about accidents in every city and every town in the United States. The streets in Billings, Montana, can be perilous if a car accident occurs. A vehicle accident is not always between two vehicles; it often involves a vehicle and a pedestrian. A driver needs mental focus to ensure that no person's life on the road is at risk while that person is driving. Recently, a teenager caused an accident after falling asleep in the morning.

Possible defective product claims on knee surgery device

Medical devices and other medical products help many people who are not well. Fortunately, medical devices help many Americans, including in Montana. Unfortunately, not all medical devices can be a solution to a health problem. If the device doesn't do what it is supposed to do, it may lead to a products liability lawsuit. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, certain recalled devices for knee surgery from the medical device manufacturer Stryker, Inc. have a reasonable probability to cause serious harm.

Distracted driving causes car accidents in Montana

Many things can distract a driver for a few seconds. However, those few seconds can be crucial. Negligence while driving increases the risk of various accidents, including a car accident. For example, of the 3,000 fatalities nationwide that occurred as a result of distracted driving in 2011 alone, five of them occurred in Montana because of electronic device use.

Fracking: A Closer Look

Associated Press

Flaws during certification can cause plane crashes

Passenger safety is the top priority for government agencies that certify vehicles such as aircraft. Yet airplane crashes happen in Montana and elsewhere. Although everyone knows that stringent safety standards are in place, for some reason design flaws are overlooked, sometimes resulting in aviation accidents.

Equipment defect alarms scuba divers in Montana

Approximately 110,000 diving equipment items manufactured in China and Mexico were recently recalled by their manufacturer in cooperation with the federal Consumer Product Safety Commission after a few divers reported problems that could pose substantial danger to users in certain circumstances.

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