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May 2013 Archives

FDA raises concerns of consumer injury from new sleep aid

Medicines are meant to cure and provide better health, but when lab tests and trials fail to foresee dangerous side effects, they can cause injuries or even death. For example, although many sleeping drugs are effective, new drugs are sometimes found to cause unintended and unsafe physical and psychological effects. Here in Billings, Montana, products liability may result from prescription drugs that are found to be dangerous or defective products.

Safety advocates fight to limit truck size

By design, trucks are meant for heavy-duty work and delivering products and services in and out of Billings, Montana. Even though a truck accident is not as common as an accident involving other vehicles, a truck accident can cause a lot of damage. Serious injuries and death are possible because, unlike other motor vehicles, trucks, given their size, are harder to maneuver during a dangerous situation.

DOL fines Montana animal company for worker's wrongful death

Residents of Billings, Montana, may be concerned that the state currently ranks one of the top three states with the highest workplace deaths. According to a report from the AFL-CIO, Montana ranks third with 11.2 per 100,000. Overlooking the safety of a workplace can result in serious injuries or worse, a wrongful death.

Research determines most common causes of aviation accidents

The Federal Aviation Authority announced recently that it would close down 150 air control towers within the country because of budget cuts. If this happens, many people in Montana and elsewhere will be concerned about the effects of the closures on safety.

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