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July 2014 Archives

Montana ranks high in motor vehicle accidents

Montana residents are probably aware that the state has far too many car accidents each year. A recent survey report confirms this, stating that within the previous six months, 14 people have lost their lives on Montana highways. The total is up from the previous year, where there were eight fatalities over six months.

Montana residents win compensatory damage against Hyundai

Some Billings, Montana, residents may recall an incident that took place on the Fourth of July in 2011, when two Montana youths were killed in a car crash. The teenagers were driving a Hyundai Tiburon when they stopped to purchase fireworks from a store. Upon leaving the store, their car veered into the path of another vehicle on the road. Both teenagers were killed in the collision. Witnesses said that they saw fireworks exploding from the car just before it swerved into the other car's lane. The family claimed an auto defect was responsible for the accident.

Highway 312 collision leaves motorcyclist seriously injured

A person who has driven in Montana may have no idea of the routes in, say, New York City. But failure to know traffic patterns does not excuse the driver from any violation of local traffic laws, as a recent car accident demonstrates.

Families reject compensation after auto defect tied to fatalities

Although parents may feel their children are safe while the parents are behind the wheel, sometimes parents are not in total control. On occasion, loved ones may suffer injuries due to auto defects.

One killed in Montana plane crash

While flying, the thought of a possible accident due to a machine failure or any other reason often sits in the back of passengers' minds. Aircraft accidents are always serious, as victims rarely escape with minor injuries. Such was the case recently, when a pilot was killed after his aircraft crashed near a western Montana ski area.

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