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September 2014 Archives

Static electricity, lack of fire-retardant clothing to blame in fatal gas field blast

The Edwards Law Firm, with members licensed in Montana and Wyoming, is experienced with oil and gas field explosions, injuries, and burns; recently, on behalf of a burn injured oil field worker the firm has successfully recovered a substantial 8 figure settlement against one of the industries major players. See firm website and news special. The injured victim did not have fire resistant clothing on at the time he incurred severe burns, contributing to his injuries.

Intoxicated pilot roles in aviation accidents studied

The frequency of aviation accidents in Montana or elsewhere in the United States is far less when compared to car accidents on Montana roads. When these aviation accidents do happen, however, they have the potential to cause more damage than any vehicular accident. A plane crash may cause extensive damage to property and also take hundreds of lives.

What is the discovery rule in wrongful death actions?

Montana residents may know that any civil action must be filed within a specified time period. This time period is referred to as a statute of limitation. When this period runs out, you lose the right to file a claim. Each state, including Montana, has its own statute of limitations regarding filing of wrongful death claims. In some states, the period extends only for a year, while in others, they may extend to two years, or even more.

Large-truck accidents can have catastrophic consequences

A large commercial truck, such as a semi-truck or an 18-wheeler, often weighs as much as 25 times more than the weight of a typical car. Due to a combination of this huge weight disparity and the basic laws of physics, accidents involving trucks pose a serious threat to people in the event of an accident. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, 44 people died in crashes involving a large truck or bus in Montana between 2011 and 2012. The national tally in the same period was an astounding 8,226.

Car accident leaves one dead on U.S. 93 in Montana

Montana residents are aware that, despite a relatively low population, car accidents in the state are not uncommon. In an effort to combat motor vehicle accidents, Transportation and Police Departments throughout the state conduct campaigns to encourage cautious driving. Yet, even with such efforts, fatal accidents still occur in Billings, Montana, and throughout the state. Sometimes speeding is responsible for car accidents while, at other times, distracted driving, including intoxicated drivers or texting while driving, are the causes of accidents.

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