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November 2014 Archives

Plane crash claims life of pilot, damages property

Plane crashes can happen throughout the entire United States. Most Billings, Montana, residents would agree that living near an airport can be dangerous and very risky in the event of an airline accident. If an aircraft crashes into someone's house in the vicinity of an airport, for whatever reason, there is a chance that residents living in near the airport can suffer serious injuries or even death.

Potential penalties for drunk drivers in Montana?

Operating any vehicle on public roads requires more than just driving skills. It needs the driver to maintain proper energy and concentration levels so that he or she can drive for as long as needed without becoming insensitive to what's happening on the road with other vehicles or pedestrians. Driving under the influence of either alcohol or narcotic substances can impair a driver's abilities and drunk drivers are therefore strictly penalized by state and federal laws.

Wrongful death: a question of negligence or consequence

A driver talking on the phone ends up causing a fatal car crash; a pedestrian slips and falls outside a shop whose owner did not put up warning signs for ongoing pavement repair; a doctor forgot to warn a patient about certain risks of a procedure which led to the patient's death. These occurrences may seem like entries from a catalog of horrors, but these are everyday cases of real negligence, which may result in the driver, shop owner or doctor facing a wrongful death lawsuit.

How does the Unified Carrier Registration affect a truck company?

Operating a truck or fleet of trucks requires the driver or truck company to comply with more than just traffic laws. They must be licensed for such operations, often in more than one state and pay a variety of corresponding fees, which are usually levied on a yearly basis. There are also minimum requirements that must be met in order for the carrier to qualify as a genuine transporter. In Montana, the definition of a commercial vehicle is a vehicle that can carry at least 10,000 pounds of cargo or 11 persons, including the driver. The vehicle also must be licensed in order to carry potentially harmful substances.

No changes at Missoula County jail, despite inmate's 2009 death

There have been no changes in policy and no one has been disciplined or fired at the Missoula County jail, despite the 2009 death of Heather Holly Wasson, who died in a seizure brought on by alcohol withdrawal about 36 hours after she was jailed for a probation violation.

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