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February 2015 Archives

Train derailment sends crude oil cars into Kanawha River; explosions erupt

UPDATE 11 p.m. Monday -

CSX announced it was continuing an assessment to determine the number of cars derailed and the oil spilled. It said crews were working to contain oil found in Armstrong Creek that runs parallel to the company's tracks. The company also said fires around some of the wrecked cars would be allowed to burn out.

What are the thematic similarities among aviation accidents?

Residents of Billings, Montana, would agree that unlike a motor vehicle accident, the magnitude of devastation can be much larger in an aviation accident, as it typically involves a loss of human life and property damage.

How companies try to prevent product liability claims

During the lifetime of an individual, he or she will need various kinds of products. While some products may be necessary for day-to-day use, some may be necessary for meeting certain specific needs. It can be anything-medicine, life-saving drugs, medical equipment, food products, clothing, electronics, cosmetics and so on.

Seeking legal recourse after a car accident in Montana

As Montana drivers know, various factors contribute to motor vehicle accidents, including negligent drivers, defective vehicles, faulty highway design, poorly maintained roads and traffic devices, railroad crossings and weather. One of the most common, though, is the presence of negligent drivers.

Regulatory enforcement helps reduce Montana truck accidents

The Motor Carrier Services Division of the Montana Department of Transportation is charged with regulating the commercial motor carrier industry and enforcing all applicable federal and state laws regarding commercial motor carriers. One of the primary goals of the MCS is to ensure safety on public roads by reducing the risk of commercial truck accidents.

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