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May 2015 Archives

Man injured in an aviation accident files lawsuit

Planes are often regarded as one of the safest modes of transportation. Ground transportation, such as cars, buses and trains are, at times, very risky for passengers. People who choose those modes of transportation, however, often feel more comfortable being on the ground as opposed to being in the air. However, in the event of an aviation accident, there is the potential for the accident victims to suffer devastating injuries, more than seems to be the case with an average car or truck accident. Therefore, the laws relating to aviation safety and maintenance are very strict and can help prevent such accidents.

Plane crash kills four onboard; luckily, none on the ground

Aviation incidents often lead to very serious injuries as well as fatalities. Planes are often regarded as one of the safest modes of transportation and statistics show that they usually are. However, there are some known risks and dangers that accompany air travel, especially for non-commercial small plane flights. Montana pilots closely observe the various factors which can affect safe plane operation, including weather conditions, and they practice other safety procedures, such as plane mechanical maintenance, before taking to the air. These practices help reduce the number of small plane crashes.

Truckers must follow stringent rules to prevent truck accidents

Truck drivers are often subjected to more stringent laws than their non-commercial or personal driving counterparts. One of the reasons for the state authorities to impose such stringent traffic rules and regulations on these drivers is that a road accident involving a truck can cause greater devastation to people and property than a small car due to the mammoth size of many trucks. Edwards, Frickle & Culver, Montana Trial Attorneys have defended the rights of such truck accident victims for decades.

Harley Davidson recalls 46,000 defective motorcycles

Products liability is defined as the liability that the owner or manufacturer of a product owes to the consumer for any inherent dangers in the product that have caused some injuries. Products liability is based on the tort law principle of negligence. It states that any manufacturer who was not careful with the manufacturing of their product must be held liable for not only their actions, but also the omission of dutiful acts.

Rules for safe trucking on Montana highways

Residents of Montana may be aware of the rules for operating large vehicles, such as commercial trucks. Many rules are designed to reduce the number of truck accidents on highways. Owners and drivers have to abide by the rules, including speed restrictions, vehicle weight, standards on tire and braking systems and obeying the road signs.

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