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September 2015 Archives

How does distracted driving lead to automobile collisions?

Everyday, residents in Montana utilize roadways across the state to get to and from various destinations. While this is practically a routine for most drivers, this does not mean it is free from dangers or hazards. Even when drivers take extra precautions to drive safe and follow the rules of the road, this does not protect the person from drivers who fail to uphold the duty to drive safely while behind the wheel of a vehicle. In some cases, a simple act or distraction could lead to a tragic collision involving serious injuries, severe damages and even deaths.

Assigning responsibility in products liability claims

As previously noted on this blog, consumers can encounter dangerous products. While many of these items are considered relatively safe to begin with, if a manufacturing error or mistake is made, a harmless product could be the cause of a serious consumer injury. Because of this, when individuals in Montana are harmed by a defective product, it is important to understand what happened and who is to blame.

Helping injured consumers with product liability actions

Everyday Montana residents encounter various consumer products. Whether it is a household good, a motor vehicle, edible item or heavy machinery or equipment, consumers are often under the impression that the goods the person uses or consumes are safe and free from defects. Despite that, injuries and even deaths do occur due to dangerous products. Because of this, it is important for injured consumers to understand the cause of such injuries and if a manufacturer or distributor is liable for the injuries and damages suffered.

Two trucks, one car in accident on Montana highway

Car accidents can involve a multitude of details. In an accident investigation, every single one of these details can prove important. Experts and reconstructionist use these details as pieces to a puzzle that when put together, reveal the greater picture of what happened. When it is revealed that at the root of the accident were the actions of a negligent driver, victims may wish to use this information to pursue legal action.

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