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October 2015 Archives

Difficult to blame speeding for fatal Montana accidents

There are many causes for automobile collisions. In many cases, the major contributing factor is the negligence of one or more driver. Negligence can come in various forms, but when it comes to assigning liability for a serious or fatal accident, it must be proven that the driver failed to uphold the person's duty to drive safely while behind the wheel. Whether a driver is distracted, speeding, intoxicated or being reckless, these are all factors that could contribute to a fatal collision.

Taking action following an aviation accident

Whether Montana residents are frequent flyers on commercial or private planes, it is likely that they have relied on an aircraft to get to a destination more than once in their life. While the likelihood of being involved in a plane crash is very rare, the fact is that when an aircraft accident does occur, it is often an incident that results in great tragedy. Serious injuries, severe damages and fatalities are often involved in a plane accident, and those impacted by the incident might seek to hold a negligent party responsible for the incident.

How frequently do aviation accidents occur?

It happens everyday - residents in Montana use airplanes as a mode of transportation. Whether it is on a commercial flight or private aircraft, passengers often consider their safety during a flight. While flying is often considered a safe alternative to long distance drives, this does not mean that errors in the air do not occur. Because of this, it is important that passengers and their loved ones understand what rights are afforded to them following a plane crash.

Assessing how driver error contributes to intersection collisions

Negligence, recklessness and distractions are often cited as the cause of a crash. While car accidents in Montana occur for various reasons, at different locations on the roadway and on all types of roads, intersection collisions often occur when one or more drivers were not properly paying attention or were negligent behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Intersection-collision caused by driver running a red light

Car accidents occur for various reasons; however, they are more likely to occur when a driver fails to uphold the person's duty to travel safely on the roadway. This happens when a driver is negligent, distracted or reckless. Whether a driver is speeding, texting while driving or is intoxicated, these actions could easily lead to a serious -- or even fatal -- collision resulting in injured victims and severe damages.

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