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March 2016 Archives

What are the most common causes of aviation accidents?

Much like the risks associated with motor vehicles do not deter residents in Montana and elsewhere from getting behind the wheel of a vehicle, the dangers accompanying airplanes do not often deter people from flying. Nonetheless, it is important for passengers to be aware of the risks associated with air travel because less serious aviation accident tend to go unreported by the media. Whether traveling in a small aircraft, large business jet, charter flights, pleasure crafts, helicopters, hang gliders or other aircrafts, passengers should be aware of the common causes of major and minor accidents involving aircrafts.

Dealing with the aftermath of a Montana hit-and-run accident

Being involved in an accident is an alarming event. Whether a Montana resident is a driver or passenger in a car crash, the suddenness of the incident can make the moments directly following a collision emotional and shocking. This is especially true if one has suffered injuries and are seeking assistance while waiting for emergency crews to come. But, what happens when the other driver flees the scene of the accident? Is a victim left without a liable party to hold responsible for their injuries and damages?

Montana motorcyclist hit and killed when he had right of way

There are many reasons why accidents occur. A driver might have been traveling too fast, he or she was distracted because of a cellphone or a driver was intoxicated. While sometimes accidents are simply that, an accident, it is often the case that a driver was reckless or negligent in causing a collision. The negligence of a Montana driver could result in a minor fender bender or could be the cause of an unfortunate fatal accident.

What are the different types of product recalls by the FDA?

Whether it is a common household good, food, an automobile, prescription medicine or other consumer products, individuals in Montana and elsewhere purchase these items under the impression that they are safe to use. Although manufacturers do not purposefully put a dangerous or defective product in the retail market, this could occur when errors occur in the design, manufacturing or retail process. In these cases, a recall is either issued by the manufacturer or the FDA.

A manufacturer's duty to warn consumers about potential harms

When consumers in Montana and elsewhere purchase goods, he or she typically believes that a product is safe if there is no design or manufacturing defect or mistake made. Nonetheless, a product could still be considered dangerous, even if a design flaw did not occur, and it was properly manufactured. A product could be labeled defective due to insufficient warnings or instructions when there are foreseeable risks or harm posed by the product.

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