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Montana aviation accidents can have devastating consequences


Traveling in planes and aircrafts is long thought to be one of the safest modes of Montana travel. However, no piece of machinery can ever be fool-proof. Aviation accidents are still relatively rare compared to other vehicular accidents. Aviation accidents, when they do occur though, can cause great devastation to people and property. For decades, the attorneys at Edwards & Culver, Montana Trial Attorneys, have fought for the rights of victims of such accidents.

It has been observed by authorities that aviation accidents are found to be more prevalent in private small aircrafts compared to public commercial flights. Some of the most vulnerable among aviation accident victims are people hiring private jets. Firefighters flying for a rescue operation, corporate executives hiring private planes, as well as helicopter travelers may be more susceptible to aviation accidents.

Following an accident, proving the fault of the defendant can be cumbersome. The attorneys at Edwards & Culver, Montana Trial Attorneys, with numerous technical and legal experts in our arsenal, may be more equipped to uncover the cause of such accidents.

Having decades of experience, the firm may be able to expose faulty maintenance of the aircraft. Evidence in the black box of a crashed aircraft can often be a determining factor in aviation accident cases.

A victim of such an aviation accident may be able to recover substantial compensation by initiating lawsuits, if a justifiable case is built against the company manufacturing the aircraft. In cases of a faulty aircraft, lawsuits may include not only personal injury cases or wrongful death in case of the victim's demise, but may also include products liability cases.