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Montana Disabling Injury Lawyers

With a 30-year record of client service in complex personal injury litigation, the trial attorneys of Edwards, Frickle & Culver have long experience with the proof of damages in the most serious and disabling injury cases: brain, burn, and spinal cord injuries. If you or a family member needs legal advice about your options in the aftermath of a disabling injury caused by negligence, contact us for a free consultation. We serve the needs of accident victims throughout Montana and do so on terms that make it convenient for our clients no matter their location.

Legal Help for Victims of Catastrophic Injuries

In the most serious cases, you'll need advice about the damages issues involved: what's the fair value of your losses and how will you prove that value? Our ability to evaluate accident losses, project future treatment needs, and present reliable expert testimony on disputed aspects of your damages demand can make the decisive difference in a close case. It can also protect you from the risk of accepting an inadequate settlement offer.

Whether your personal injury claim relates to a car accident, a truck accident, or a case of medical malpractice, our legal team can present your damages claim with detailed supporting evidence in terms the defendant, its insurers, and a trial jury can understand. This approach to the proof of damages in disabling and permanent injury cases can benefit you and your family in litigation involving such losses as:

  • Amputation
  • Severe burns
  • Loss of hearing or eyesight
  • Extensive scarring or disfigurement
  • Spinal cord injury leading to paralysis or quadriplegia
  • Traumatic brain injury, from moderate to extended coma or persistent vegetative state

Statewide Client Service on Catastrophic Injury Claims

At Edwards, Frickle & Culver, our legal team has the means necessary to fly anywhere to minimize the inconvenience of a long-distance relationship with your lawyer. This also allows us to get a head start on evidence preservation and accident scene inspection in any of Montana's remote areas.

For more information about our experience with the proof of claims in the most severe personal injury cases, contact Edwards, Frickle & Culver for a free consultation.

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