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Proving Environmental Pollution Damage

Protecting Property Owners & the Montana Environment

At the Billings law firm of Edwards, Frickle & Culver, our attorneys have decades of experience with the proof of damages claims related to pollution, contamination, and irresponsible industrial practices throughout Montana. If you need advice about your rights on an issue of environmental law, contact us for a free consultation.

Statewide Client Service in Environmental Litigation

We advise families, businesses, ranchers, and municipalities in environmental problems such as:

  • Point source pollution related to mining or refinery operations
  • Mobile source pollution related to toxic spills, hazardous substance releases, railroad accidents, etc.
  • Remediation claims for land damaged in mining, logging, oil, or gas operations
  • Irresponsible chemical or toxic waste disposal practices
  • Sensitive wildlife habitat destruction
  • Insurance coverage issues for cleanup costs or indemnification

Don't assume that you stand no chance of success just because you're the little guy squared off against a railroad or multinational energy company. We work with outstanding experts who can help explain the environmental consequences of the defendant's actions in terms that insurance companies can't help but understand.

We present convincing evidence of the defendant's liability, and then we attach a detailed list of the measures necessary for remediation, complete with price tags. If we can't settle your case on favorable terms, our experience and reputation as one of Montana's leading trial practices enable us to let a jury consider the impact of your losses in terms of documented property damage and cleanup costs.

We handle pollution and contamination cases under state law, federal law, and local regulations. We represent clients in so-called Superfund cases, especially when a current property owner or recent seller needs to go back up the chain of title for indemnification and remediation against a previous polluter.

Our attorneys not only know how to establish cleanup liability against powerful corporations, but we also know how to define the scope of their responsibilities to the maximum benefit of the injured party. Although most of our environmental practice involves damages claims for property damage and cleanup costs, we also litigate cases involving toxic torts with serious consequences for the health and life expectancy of those affected.

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Environmental litigation is heavily dependent on collaboration with experts from many technical disciplines, so it can get expensive. Our law firm has the resources to advance the costs of developing and proving your case, and we only recover our expenses if we successfully resolve your claims.

For a free consultation about your legal and practical alternatives for achieving justice on environmental claims, contact a lawyer at Edwards, Frickle & Culver.

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