Car accident victim receives Montana's largest compensation

Recently, a personal injury case in Montana made headlines when the victim injured in the accident was awarded $26 million as compensation. The victim, who was a college student from South Carolina, was injured in a car accident near Bozeman six years ago. He came to Montana for a missionary trip when the driver of the car in which he was traveling was involved in a horrific rollover accident.

The victim suffered severe brain injuries and was rendered a quadriplegic. He was awarded a multi-million dollar settlement recently from the Southern Baptist Missionary Agencies. The personal injury lawyer who shepherded the case for six long years stated he was happy for his client and his family. The victim's father has been working hard since his son's accident to provide adequate care to address the severity and finality of his son's injuries and this award will now give the family enough money to provide the long-term treatment and complete care needed.

The thousands of car accident cases that occur every day lead to the majority of personal injury claims in the United States. It is important for the people who drive motor vehicles to diligently follow all traffic laws and exercise reasonable care when driving under certain circumstances, such as inclement weather. When a person fails to practice reasonable care, the act is considered as his or her negligence.

To receive fair compensation for injuries, it is important for the victim of the accident to prove that the negligence of the defendant was the most probably cause of the crash. In many cases, it is easy to confirm that the driver was acting negligent, but it may be difficult to figure out which traffic rule was violated. In such cases, legal assistance from an experienced attorney may help victims determine the real causes of an accident.