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How many people die each year in aviation accidents?


Millions of people travel by aircraft each year to achieve their personal and work needs. While most are able to safely arrive at their destinations, some suffer injuries and even worse when they are involved in aviation accidents. Montana residents are affected when small carrier planes, as well as large commercial jets, suffer dangerous incidents.

According to the National Transportation Safety Board, there were 444 civil aviation accidents deaths in the United States in 2014. This figure does not include any deaths caused by military aircraft accidents.

The NTSB divides air crafts into three categories for analysis of this statistic: cargo aircrafts, small carrier and on-demand aircrafts, and other aircrafts including commercial airplanes.

No fatalities were reported for aviation accidents including cargo aircrafts, though during 2014 29 accidents for such aircrafts were reported. Small and on-demand aircrafts were involved in 39 accidents during the relevant year and those accidents included 8 incidents that resulted in 20 deaths. Accidents involving commercial carriers and uncategorized aircrafts made up the bulk of the reported accidents and fatalities for 2014 with such vehicles having 1,223 accidents and causing 424 deaths.

Though these figures may not seem alarming given the high number of flights that leave regional and international airports each day, they still suggest an unfortunate reality. Aircrafts can be involved in dangerous accidents. When they are they can cause losses of life.

Individuals who have lived through the trauma of surviving an aviation accident understand the toll it can take. The physical and emotional injuries that they carry with them can endure for many years. For individuals who have lost loved ones in crashes, the damage can be irreparable. Those who have personally suffered losses due to aviation accidents can often pursue compensation for their damages under personal injury theories of law.