Do collision avoidance systems reduce rear-end auto accidents?

Motorists and passengers in Montana and elsewhere travel in vehicles with the expectation that they will be able to make it to their final destination safely. While a driver has some control of their safety while traveling on the roadways, this does not protect them from the dangers and hazards negligent and reckless drivers present on the roads. Nonetheless, automobile manufacturers seek to improve the safety of the driving experience by alerting drivers when an accident is imminent. The hope is that technology could be used to reduce and prevent accidents from ever occurring.

Do collision avoidance systems reduce rear-end auto accidents? Based on a recent report by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), it is being recommended that collision avoidance systems become standard equipment in all new passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles. The reason behind this is the evidence that suggests that this technology could prevent thousands of deaths and injuries each year.

The data used by the NTSB indicates that a collision avoidance system could prevent or lessen the severity of rear-end accidents. Based on their data, roughly 1,700 people are killed in rear-end collisions each year while some 500,000 are injured. The severity of these collisions could be mitigated by a collision avoidance system, which would alert a driver that a crash is imminent, assisting the driver with braking.

While safety improvements in a vehicle could improve the safety of drivers and passengers by preventing an accident or reducing the severity of one, technology should not always be relied on. It is always important to be attentive while driving and to drive safely for road conditions.

Whether or not a safety feature such as a crash avoidance system is used, a collision could occur, resulting in serious injuries. Accident victims should take steps to understand the cause of the crash, in order to hold the liable party responsible for the injuries and damages suffered in the accident.


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