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Drunk drivers can inflict serious harm through car accidents


Drinking and driving is a dangerous combination of activities. Unfortunately, many people fail to recognize the risks associated with consuming alcohol and then getting behind the wheel of their car. In Montana, innocent individuals incur serious injuries and even lose their lives as a result of car accidents with drunk drivers.

In many drunk driving accidents, the intoxicated driver is found to be a negligent driver. Negligence is the main legal theory on which many car accident claims are based. If a person is negligent it means that he or she failed to use reasonable care given the situations and circumstances present at the time of the collision.

As drinking can impact a driver's reflexes, impair the ability to judge distances, and affect other important cognitive functions that are necessary for the safe operation of a motor vehicle, driving while drunk is often a straightforward way to demonstrate an irresponsible party's negligence. Drunk drivers who cause other drivers and motorists to suffer losses through car crashes can be held liable for compensating those victims.

Compensation in a car accident case can vary from case to case, but in many situations, a car crash victim can seek recompense for the accident-related medical bills, lost wages, and other financial losses. The passengers may also have claims to file against the negligent driver for the damages they suffered during the crash.

Consultation with a Montana-based personal injury attorney is often a good way for a car accident victim to begin the process of evaluating any potential negligence claims against a drunk driver. As every case is different, it is important for victims to discuss the facts of their particular car accident with an attorney who understands and works with the personal injury laws currently in effect in Montana.