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Reality TV personality killed in airplane crash


Last week an airplane crash in western Montana claimed the lives of two men. One of the men was the pilot of the Cessna 182 and the other, a passenger, was a personality on the reality television program, Ice Road Truckers. His name was Darrell Ward and he was traveling to the state to begin filming a new television series. Both men were in their fifties and died in the fiery incident.

While there has been no definitive reason released for the crash, witnesses to the incident reported that the small plane appeared to be approaching a landing strip at a local airport. Before reaching the ground, the plane crashed through a group of trees and failed to make it safely to land. The pilot of the plane allegedly purchased the aircraft only a week before the deadly incident.

There are a number of reasons that aircrafts can crash. Those reasons can include but are not limited to improper maintenance of the affected planes, pilot errors and weather complications. As investigators dig deeper into the cause of this crash, they may learn why this plane failed to safely land and why two men had to lose their lives.

Airplane crashes are an unfortunate risk associated with air travel. Though they are not common, when they do happen, the results can be devastating for the people on board. When deadly plane crashes occur, the family members of the deceased victims can pursue compensation for their losses through a wrongful death legal action. People who believe that they may wish to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit may want to speak with a personal injury attorney regarding the merits of their case.