Accidental death may be subject to a wrongful death lawsuit

Under the law, a wrongful death occurs when the cause of the death is the negligence or wrongdoing of another individual or entity. In Montana, wrongful deaths happen in an unfortunate number of ways: car and motor vehicle accidents, medical mistakes, incidents on dangerous premises and others. When a person dies and it is the fault of another person, business or entity, then the responsible party may be sued in civil court.

A wrongful death cause of action is based on negligence and personal injury laws. The victim of the fatal incident is not alive to exercise his rights against the negligent or reckless party, and therefore, surviving members of his family may pursue their losses under this unique civil claim. Not every accidental death is compensable under Montana law and individuals who have suffered the loss of a loved one may wish to speak to legal professionals who practice personal injury and wrongful death law.

In addition to providing legal services to direct victims of personal injury-causing accidents, the law firm of Edwards Frickle & Culver represents grieving family members of accident victims through wrongful death lawsuits. The firm's attorneys are prepared to discuss new cases with individuals who wish to pursue their legal rights against the parties who caused their loved ones to perish.

Wrongful death causes of action are subject to statutory time limits called statutes of limitation, which generally only endure for a period of a few years after the occurrence of a fatal event. To avoid missing one's chance to pursue their damages after a fatal accident and the loss of a loved one, readers are encouraged to visit the firm's accidental death webpage to learn more about this important legal claim and the timeline they may have to follow in order to exercise it.