Defects in plane parts can lead to aviation accidents

Like the automobiles that Montana residents drive, airplanes are complex machines made of a multitude of different, specialized pieces. All of those pieces must be carefully crafted and then precisely placed within the build of the aircraft in order for the machine to operate properly; when a mistake is made in the manufacturing or construction of an aircraft it can create a dangerous and potentially fatal problem for the pilot and passengers of the vessel.

Defects in airplanes that lead to aviation accidents may, in some cases, be compensable through products liability theories of law. Products liability law exists to protect individuals who have been harmed by consumer goods and establishes different evaluations depending upon whether the dangers presented through the products were due to poor design, mistakes in manufacturing, or improper instructions on use of warnings about possible dangers.

For example, if an airplane uses a landing gear assembly from Company A and that assembly fails to work when the plane is descending for landing, leading the aircraft to crash, Company A may face some liability for the incident. Entities that put dangerous and defective products into the world for use by consumers can often be included in lawsuits for the recovery of the victims' significant losses.

Defective parts are not the only causes of airplane accidents. Pilot error, weather and a host of other issues may cause an aircraft to suffer a dangerous incident. Readers who have questions about defective airplane parts and the law regarding aviation accidents are encouraged to contact personal injury attorneys in their areas who handle airplane crash cases.