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Danger of fires from auto defects sparks recall of BMW cars


There are enough dangers on the roads in Montana and across the nation that drivers and passengers do not want to worry about an automobile design defect causing an accident. Unfortunately, it has become commonplace that motor vehicles are not just coming equipped with air conditioning and a wide variety of radio station options, but auto defects as well. When there is a recall or a news story about a potentially dangerous issue with an automobile, people who have been injured or lost a loved one and did not realize it was due to an issue with the automobile must act by considering a lawsuit.

Approximately 1.4 million vehicles are being recalled by BMW because of a danger that they could catch fire. There are two recalls that the company filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. They are for the X3, X5, Z3, 3-series and 5-series models. The initial recall covers more than 740,000 automobiles and is due to the potential short-circuiting and melting of an area of the engine. If this happens, it can cause a fire. The vehicle does not have to be running for this to occur.

The second recall covers around 673,000 automobiles and is due to a problem with the wiring of the heating and air conditioning. With this issue, there is a chance of overheating, a melting of the electrical connectors and another risk of fire. This too can happen when the vehicle is not being used. Thus far, there have been four incidents reported to the company, with three injuries.

When purchasing a product, there is an ingrained belief that it will be safe for use. If it is a recognizable company with a good reputation, there is generally no reason for a consumer to believe that they can suffer injury or death because of a defect. However, it does happen all too often. This is especially worrisome with motor vehicles, as any defective auto part can lead to severe injuries, massive medical costs, extensive issues and even death. Seeking compensation through a lawsuit is often vital to cover all that was lost and get back on track.

With these vehicles, there were several reports of injuries, but that does not account for people who might have had a problem and did not realize that it was due to a defect in the vehicle itself. Anyone who believes that an incident might have been due to these defects with BMW vehicles or any other motor vehicles should contact an attorney to see if there is the basis for a legal case.