Hair Product Users Slam Unilever With Product Liability Claims

Some of our Montana readers may have heard that Unilever's Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion, a hair care product intended to treat women's hair, has received product defect claims and a large amount of negative feedback from its users. The consumers claimed that the hair treatment is dangerous. They claimed that using the hair product caused them to experience severe hair loss and other damages. As a result, hundreds of women across the country have filed a lawsuit against Unilever, alleging false advertising and negligence.

In one particular lawsuit the plaintiff alleged that the manufacturer failed to disclose that the product contains substances that may cause hair loss. Other plaintiffs claim that Unilever did not warn consumers about the product's potential danger to the scalp as well as its other hazards. Unilever allegedly used formaldehyde in the product. Formaldehyde is a cancer-causing substance that can cause skin sensitivity, irritation and breathing difficulties.

In manufacturing a certain product, the manufacturer should not only prioritize how the product will be profitable but it must, first and foremost, guard the consumer's safety. Product manufacturers should also warn consumers about the potential risk in the design or substance of the product. By doing that, consumer satisfaction, health and safety can all be guaranteed.

If a consumer finds a certain product dangerous or defective they may wish to pursue compensation, particularly if the product causes injuries or damages. Under such circumstances, a product liability lawsuit may hold the manufacturer liable for the damages caused by the defective product.