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Wal-Mart issues product recall on their $20 dolls


Yellowstone, Montana, residents should be very vigilant in using different items that are available on the market. Even products manufactured by trusted brands, sometimes, turn out to be defective, posing harm or danger to consumers. A defective product can cause injuries and even death, in some cases. That is why product manufacturers often issue a product recall to warn consumers about the imminent danger of using a defective product.

Wal-Mart recently issued a product recall on a doll that it sells for $20. The doll has been overheating and burning children. The dolls were manufactured in China and were exclusively distributed by Wal-Mart. Based on the report, the doll's manufacturer decided to issue a recall after they received reports of consumers who have suffered from blisters or burns after using the product.

According to Consumer Affairs, the doll has a faulty circuit board that causes the product to overheat, which poses a burning hazard. The item comes with a toy medical kit. The doll became popular among young children due to its reasonable price.

Local readers who have bought the doll should proceed with the recall to prevent their children from using the defective product and possibly getting hurt.

A case like this is quite alarming. Children often suffer from fractures, dislocation, and lacerations due to defective products. When it comes to injuries sustained from defective products, the victims may wish to file a products liability claim and recover damages based on their incurred losses.

When filing a product liability lawsuit, it is very important that the victims understand that they must acquire substantial proof to support their claim. With the right help, however, this evidence can be used to get people the compensation they need following an injury.

Product liability cases can be settled through negotiation or through traditional litigation. How the case proceeds largely depends on the wishes and intent of the plaintiff.