Legal recourse for truck accident victims in Billings, Montana

Truck collisions often result in multi-car rollover accidents. Trucks are usually among the biggest vehicles on the road and can cause havoc in the event of an accident. In some cases, an accident may happen due to no fault of the truck driver but because of weather conditions or ill-maintained roads. In most cases, however, authorities have observed that truck accidents are caused by some form of traffic violation.

Edwards & Culver, Montana Trial Attorneys have extensive experience dealing with all manner of truck accident cases and have observed that in many cases, a truck accident is caused by negligence such as excessive speeding or drunk driving. Another common cause of accidents is distracted driving, such as driving while texting or driving while talking on a cell phone.

Commercial vehicle drivers are subjected to stringent rules, such as federal trucking regulations. Usually, these rules are more stringent than the rules for non-commercial drivers. For example, for those who hold a commercial driving license, the legal permissible limit of blood alcohol concentration is set at 0.04 percent in contrast to the 0.08 percent concentration limit set for non-commercial drivers under Montana law. If authorities discover that the truck driver has violated any traffic rules, then he or she may face fines and penalties, including revocation of license or even imprisonment. Such consequences can later lead to unemployment.

A victim of a truck accident can contact Edwards & Culver, Montana Trial Attorneys to understand what rights he or she has under Montana law. In case of a fatal accident, a victim's family or representative may even initiate a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver as well as the trucker's employer if negligence was exhibited by either party. Furthermore, the courts may even allow for increased compensation amounts to address injuries suffered and medical expenses borne by the victim and his or her family.