The pause on new federal trucking regulations

As any Montana motorist can contend, the trucking industry is very noticeable on the roadways. This means automobile drivers frequently share the road with these massive vehicles that often make long hauls to deliver goods to consumers across the country. While drivers with specialized training operate semi-trucks and tractor-trailers, their training does not eliminate the potential dangers a negligent trucker could cause. Additionally, trucking companies can also be negligent by not following the federal trucking regulations currently in place.

With the recent change in presidential administrations, the trucking industry has been faced with many questions. Will the intended regulations from the previous administration still go through in the coming months? Or will the current administration stop this from occurring, causing these initiates to never become enacted?

Major initiatives passed last year, such as the electronic logging device mandate, are expecting implementation on schedule. However, this and other regulations are currently in a state of limbo. The current administration's two-for-one executive order has halted various regulations from being enacted. This executive order dictates that two current regulations must be dropped before a new one can be imposed. As a result, many regulations expecting implementation have been paused with no idea of when, or if, they will be enacted.

Federal trucking regulations are passed with safety in mind. These laws are intended to ensure trucking companies and truckers follow specific rules so that the occurrence of trucking accidents can be reduced. For example, an electronic logging mandate could ensure that drivers do not go over their hours of service, that they take timely breaks, and that they do not operate a commercial truck when they are not supposed to. These logs are expected to be more accurate than the system currently in place, which could help in assigning liability and cause in a truck accident.

Those injured in a truck crash should understand that they have legal options. Injured victims can fight in an attempt to hold a negligent truck driver or trucking company accountable through a personal injury claim. Additionally, he or she could collect compensation if he or she succeeds on such a claim, which could go a long way toward a victim's recovery.


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