Two vehicles crash in Montana after truck spills lumber

Residents of Montana and other states throughout the country may feel apprehensive while driving near a truck. The vast size of the vehicle and the immense amount of load is enough for any person to be anxious about a possible accident. Hence, many drivers prefer to be away from these vehicles; but it is not possible, however, to always avoid trucks on highways.

There are various laws, including federal trucking regulations, imposed on a truck company and its drivers. However, some may not oblige to these laws and may cause truck accidents. Reports of accidents, caused due to a driver fatigue, drunk driving or an unqualified driver are not uncommon. Some crashes happen when the vehicle is not able to handle the load and flips while turning. When a truck flips over, it may be just instinct or extremely good driving abilities that may help other drivers avoid an injury. But accident avoidance is not always possible, as evident by a recent accident when two people were injured after a truck tipped over and spilled lumber on the road.

While moving on a tight curve it tipped over. This caused the lumber to spill on the highway. To avoid the debris, two vehicles swerved out of the way, causing the crash. The vehicle driver, along with the truck driver were transported to a hospital.

Any person injured in a truck accident can claim compensation for the losses. It is mostly noticed that semi-trucks have insurance policies starting at $1-3 million dollars per incident. Sometimes the tractor, trailer and the driver are covered under separate policies. However, claiming compensation from trucking companies is not easy. Hence, the victim may collect evidence to prove that the accident occurred due to negligence of the driver. Also, knowledge of the strengths and weakness of the claim along with the relevant laws may help the person claim fair compensation.