Truck accident on Montana detour

Two semi-tractor-trailer trucks tipped over on a newly opened detour near Bozeman, Montana. One of the cases seems to have been caused by driver fatigue. On Monday, another truck driver who was traveling along the same route saw a semi-truck rolled over on its side with the wheel bent on the driver's side of the vehicle.

An experienced truck driver who also travels along this particular detour commented on the tricky nature of the path which is curved and very narrow. This feature makes it especially difficult for a semi-truck to pass through safely.

According to these drivers, the semi-truck accident might have been caused because the inattentive truck driver in question was not driving safely. He should have slowed down in order to compensate for the steep curve.

Montana highway patrol officials stated that the detour itself was safe as long as drivers maintained their alertness and kept strictly to the speed limit, especially in the case of semi-tractor-trailer trucks. Failing to do so might make it unsafe for others traveling along the same road.

Other truck drivers mentioned that speeding into a construction zone without prior knowledge of the area is unsafe. Adequate precautions should be taken especially because a truck carrying a heavy load in the back might lean over easily.

State authorities stated that both truck accidents occurred on the same spot in the last two weeks. The incidents were blamed on human error where one driver fell asleep behind the wheel, and the other accident occurred because of speeding.

The two incidents could have had tragic consequences if other vehicles were involved. Such incidences might be caused by an inattentive, negligent or unqualified truck driver and may have caused serious injuries or even fatalities. Victims of such an incident might wish to consider consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney in order to figure out if negligence can be established against the driver of the tractor-trailer.