NTSB: truck driver fatigue caused the Tracy Morgan accident

Since the truck accident that severely injured comedian Tracy Morgan and several others and claimed the life of another comedian, James McNair, many people in Montana have become more conscious about the risks associated with truck accidents. The National Transport Safety Board assumed the responsibility of that accident and recently released their findings, which many people in Billings may find interesting.

According to news reports, the NTSB determined that the accident was a result of truck driver fatigue. Apparently, the Wal-Mart driver who collided with the limousine that was carrying Morgan, McNair and the others, had not slept for more than 28 hours at the time of the accident. Earlier on the day of the accident, the driver drove 800 miles from his hometown in Georgia to the Wal-Mart facility in Delaware, where he worked, over a span of 12 hours before starting his usual delivery schedule. According to reports, the accident occurred when that driver was making his final delivery for the day.

In addition to citing truck driver fatigue as the reason behind the fateful accident, the NTSB indicated that the driver was driving 65 miles-per-hour on that particular section of the highway where the speed limit is 45 mph. The investigators stated that had the driver been moving at the recommended speed the car-truck accident could have been avoided. The investigators also stated that the driver's actions proved that he shirked of his responsibilities for safety as a commercial vehicle driver.

Despite the accident being a bitter experience for the victims and their family members, the fact is that the accident clearly demonstrates how devastating the consequences of truck driver fatigue can be. Fortunately, Tracy Morgan, the family of James McNair and the others who were affected by the accident took prompt legal action and were able to obtain an undisclosed amount of compensation from Wal-Mart. Like them, other people may also choose to take legal action when truck driver fatigue is the reason behind the accident.