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Seeking legal recourse after a car accident in Montana


As Montana drivers know, various factors contribute to motor vehicle accidents, including negligent drivers, defective vehicles, faulty highway design, poorly maintained roads and traffic devices, railroad crossings and weather. One of the most common, though, is the presence of negligent drivers.

Having a loved one injured or killed in any type of motor vehicle accident can be emotionally devastating as well as financially challenging. Fortunately, Montana allows victims and family members to seek compensation from negligent parties for injuries and deaths caused by such negligence.

Our law firm has been helping car accident victims and their families seek compensation from negligent parties for more than 30 years. We handle all types of personal injuries and wrongful death cases, including drunken driving, collisions involving commercial trucks, accidents caused by improper road maintenance and accidents at railroad crossings.

Our skilled and experienced attorneys are committed to helping our clients prove negligence in court when it is the contributing factor to an accident. We waste no time once we take a case because timely investigation is critical in pinning down and confirming the cause of an accident. We often use experts and accident reconstruction specialists in preparing a case that will help our clients during both negotiations and trials. We also gather as much crucial evidence as we can find to build the strongest case possible.

We have the resources to help our trial lawyers preserve crucial evidence that can make a decisive difference in winning or losing a case. Our firm has handled some of the biggest settlements and jury awards in Montana history, and it is a record that shows our commitment and the skill of our attorneys in protecting our clients' rights in the best ways possible. We offer free consultation and do not take any fees from our clients until we win compensation on their behalf.