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Plane crash kills four onboard; luckily, none on the ground


Aviation incidents often lead to very serious injuries as well as fatalities. Planes are often regarded as one of the safest modes of transportation and statistics show that they usually are. However, there are some known risks and dangers that accompany air travel, especially for non-commercial small plane flights. Montana pilots closely observe the various factors which can affect safe plane operation, including weather conditions, and they practice other safety procedures, such as plane mechanical maintenance, before taking to the air. These practices help reduce the number of small plane crashes.

A recent small plane crash exemplifies the dangers inherent when flying. The plane carrying four passengers crashed landed on a state road. The victims, all family members traveling to attend graduation ceremonies of their youngest son and sibling, were all killed in the crash. One of the witnesses to the plane crash was a truck driver who claimed that when he saw the plane right next to him on ground level, he braked hard, saving himself from being part of the crash.

The stretch of highway where the plane crashed was closed for hours. Fortunately, no one on the road was injured, nor was any injury or fatality reported on the ground as a result of the accident. Preliminary accident investigations stated that the impact of the plane crash was limited because the accident occurred just after the usual morning rush of traffic on that road had ended.

However, investigating authorities have not been able to find a precise reason for the plane crash. The plane hit a concrete barrier before crashing and eyewitness reports said that the plane seemed to be flying rather low before crashing. Others also stated that the plane seemed to be on fire due to the amount of smoke seen coming from the plane before it crashed.