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Man injured in an aviation accident files lawsuit


Planes are often regarded as one of the safest modes of transportation. Ground transportation, such as cars, buses, and trains are, at times, very risky for passengers. People who choose those modes of transportation, however, often feel more comfortable being on the ground as opposed to being in the air. However, in the event of an aviation accident, there is the potential for the accident victims to suffer devastating injuries, more than seems to be the case with an average car or truck accident. Therefore, the laws relating to aviation safety and maintenance are very strict and can help prevent such accidents.

A recent aviation accident seriously injured a Helena man when a helicopter crashed in the Desoto National Forrest. The man has hired an attorney to initiate a lawsuit that seeks compensation for his injuries caused by the aviation accident. However, the helicopter company has not yet responded to the lawsuit.

A preliminary investigation was conducted on the aviation accident that killed two victims. The man who is suing the helicopter company was the lone survivor of the helicopter accident. The preliminary accident investigation report also claimed that the cause of death for the victims was smoke inhalation.

The authorities alleged that the helicopter engine had malfunctioned due to improper maintenance. Such defective helicopters can be a huge risk, not only for others but also for the occupants of the helicopter and for the pilot. The victim's legal representative claimed that the helicopter company was aware of the defects in their helicopters and that the company still sent it out although it was aware of the inherent, serious dangers.