Helping injured consumers with product liability actions

Everyday Montana residents encounter various consumer products. Whether it is a household good, a motor vehicle, edible item or heavy machinery or equipment, consumers are often under the impression that the goods the person uses or consumes are safe and free from defects. Despite that, injuries and even deaths do occur due to dangerous products. Because of this, it is important for injured consumers to understand the cause of such injuries and if a manufacturer or distributor is liable for the injuries and damages suffered.

Our law firm understands that consumers often do not expect to be harmed by a defective product, however, these incidents, unfortunately, occur, especially when defects are hidden or warnings are not properly made. Product liability cases can take various forms and often includes defects in automobile, industrial machines, mining or logging equipment, farm equipment, recreational vehicles and gear, consumer tools, heating devices, gardening tools and household items.

Because products liability cases can be very technical, requiring detailed investigation to uncover defects, our attorneys are both skilled and knowledgeable in the law applicable in these matters. Our attorneys have successfully helped past clients navigate products liability actions, helping people secure a favorable award for the injuries and damages suffered.

Whether a consumer is injured by a design or manufacture defect, the person might be able to file an action to recover compensation. To learn more, visit our products liability website. This could provide general information about these matters, helping injured consumers make informed decisions regarding his or her situation.