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Who is responsible for my truck accident injuries?


Vehicle accidents send numerous Montana residents to the hospital every year. While some crash victims escape their ordeals with only minor bumps and bruises, others suffer life-altering injuries that can leave them with permanent disabilities and unresolved health problems. Often, when a victim's collision involves a large truck or commercial vehicle, that person's ailments are significant.

This Billings personal injury law blog has previously discussed some of the causes of large truck accidents; once a person understands the cause of a large truck accident he may be able to assign liability to a party or parties for his losses. For example, the cause of a crash may not just be an inattentive or distracted truck driver but may have something to do with the maintenance of the vehicle or the driver's training.

If a truck accident is caused by the inclusion of defective parts in its components then the manufacturer of the parts or vehicle may carry some liability for the incident. If a truck accident is caused by a driver who did not properly handle a driving or operating situation then the company that employed the driver may carry some of the blame for the collision.

Knowing what questions to ask and how to approach the analysis of determining liability in a truck accident case can be critical to getting a victim the compensation he needs to recover. Truck drivers, trucking companies and other entities that put large trucks on the roads can be difficult to take on when it comes to litigation, but securing the help of personal injury attorneys who include truck accident lawsuits in their practices can help victims prepare strong civil cases. The attorneys of Edwards & Culver are prepared to take on new truck accident cases and to support their clients as they fight for their accident-related damages.