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Can defective parts cause truck accidents?


The collision of a car and a large truck or big rig can yield devastating results for the driver and passengers in the smaller vehicle. Truck accidents are a tragic cause of personal injuries and deaths on Montana roads and they can occur for a variety of reasons. One of the causes of truck accidents is the presence of defective auto parts on large vehicles. This blog post will explore just how such deficiencies can lead to crashes involving semis and other big vehicles.

Any vehicle can have performance problems related to the installation of defective parts, including a large truck. Defective parts can plague practically any system in a vehicle, from its transmission to its tires. A tire blown out may send a large truck onto an unintended path and into the way of oncoming traffic. A failure of a truck's braking system may result in the truck rear-ending vehicles in front of it and causing extensive damages.

Poorly installed equipment on the exterior of large trucks can become hazards when they fall off of the truck and damage vehicles traveling nearby. Furthermore, engine defects in large trucks can be particularly dangerous for other vehicles because engine failure can lead to a truck driver's loss of control of his vehicle as well as possible engine fires.

There are many other equipment-based problems that can cause serious injuries to motorists who must share the roads with large trucks, and when those problems occur, victims can be left with significant losses and pain. Individuals who are hurt in truck accidents often have rights to seek compensation for their damages through personal injury lawsuits against the parties who were responsible for causing their harm.

The list of potential defendants in a defective parts-truck accident claim can be extensive. Truck owners may be responsible for a victim's losses, just as a truck manufacturer or parts supplier may also carry liability for another person's harm. Truck drivers and truck companies are often included in litigation based on truck accidents. Attorneys who include truck accidents in their personal injury legal practices may offer their clients more case-specific support for preparing their own civil lawsuits based on defective parts truck accidents.