Our firm fights for car accident victims

Car accidents are devastating life events that can derail the plans that victims have made for their future. The Billings law firm of Edwards & Culver zealously represents individuals who have suffered losses as a result of car and other motor vehicle crashes. Car accident losses can take on many forms and can affect victims in very different ways.

Some victims may only suffer monetary losses as a result of an accident. In such cases, they may need the responsible parties to compensate them for damages to their vehicle and other property. Our firm can help individuals in this situation fight for the money they need to fix or replace their damaged property.

Other victims may experience more significant losses when they incur physical injuries as a result of an automobile accident. Broken bones, head and neck injuries, and organ damage are all serious injuries that the victims of car accidents can experience when their vehicles are hit by other automobiles. Victims in these cases can often secure compensation for their medical bills and other accident-related losses.

Victims who lose the ability to work, function on their own, or even who perish in a vehicle collision can also pursue compensation related to those damages. Lost wages, losses of consortium and other personal losses, as well as wrongful death lawsuits for survivors of victims of car accidents, are all possible claims that individuals may bring when they are affected by serious car crashes.

Car accidents can vary in significance and outcome but most impose losses on their victims. Let the attorneys of Edwards & Culver help you fight for your rights and compensation when a vehicle collision sends your life off track. Our website contains more information about our firm and about victims' legal options following a car accident.