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What is necessary when filing a products liability claim?


Whether it is when you are driving a personal vehicle, using a household item, applying beauty products, or using a power tool, when a product malfunctions due to a defect, it could turn into a dangerous product. Such a situation could result in a consumer suffering serious harm or even death. These matters spark various concerns about the well-being of the injured consumer and the potential safety of other consumers using the exact same product. Fortunately, these individuals may be able to protect their legal rights and recover compensation for their damages by pursuing a products liability claim.

What must be shown to succeed on a products liability claim? Such an action relies on the injured party to not only prove that the item was defective but also that a manufacturer, designer or retailer is responsible for the injuries and damages suffered by the dangerous product.

A product could become defective for a variety of reasons. It could be defective due to a defective manufacture, a defective design, or the failure to provide adequate and appropriate instructions regarding the proper and safe use of a product. When proving that a defect exists, the injured party must also prove that it was the defect that caused him or her harm.

Once the errors or defects have been discovered and proven, the next step is to determine who is responsible for the defect. In some cases, multiple parties could be deemed responsible. This results in the products liability claim holding multiple parties accountable for the harms and damages caused by the defective product.

No matter the situation or the severity of your injuries, if a defective product has injured you, it is possible to take action. Recourses are available, and injured consumers could recover compensation to cover expenses such as medical bills, lost wages, and other related damages.