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Montana Supreme Court has Issued Strict Regulations Against Product Liability Claims


Residents of Billings, Montana, may be aware that the Montana Supreme Court has issued strict regulations against personal injuries caused by defective products. Anyone who has suffered injuries because of a product malfunction may file a lawsuit against the manufacturer and seller and claim damages. The damages awarded can be for all medical costs, compensation, loss of income and, in some cases, legal costs and punitive damages. The accused business also may face permanent closure.

A product liability claim requires strong proof since the court examines in detail how the product's malfunctioning led to serious or fatal injuries. The attorneys at our law firm have successfully handled many different types of product liability claims.

We have technical experts who can review the design of the products in question and substantiate the claim by the suitor. Our law firm has experience protecting the interests of those who have been injured by machines or consumer goods.

We are able to tackle the challenges related to product liability litigation and help our clients get the best possible outcome in such cases. We also help obtain better compensation for those whose injuries and damages require more medical treatment then what is covered by insurance or compensation benefits.

We handle cases throughout Montana and have represented the families and businesses of Montana for more than three decades. Our lawyers advise our clients about consumer rights in product litigation cases related to defects in automobiles and auto parts, machines and recreational equipment.

We are committed to both excellent client service and outstanding results. Our team of lawyers can be contacted for a free consultation.