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Product liability insurance pays for damages in Montana


Many residents of Montana may have suffered because of a product malfunction. In Montana, it is illegal to deceive customers by selling defective products or making false claims regarding a product's function and utility. Defective products, wrong instructions or incorrect information about the product may lead to personal injury. It also may be fatal at times.

Victims of product malfunction are eligible to file a lawsuit against the seller and manufacturer and claim compensation for the damages incurred. Most sellers in Montana have product liability insurance, which covers compensation that they might have to pay to the consumers. The product liability insurance covers claims involving a manufacturing defect, wrong or incorrect instruction and defective products.

A product liability case may include faulty machinery, sports equipment, home appliances, defective automobile parts, pharmaceutical drugs and so on. The damages awarded include medical expenses, economic damages and, in some cases, attorneys' fees and even punitive damages. Product liability claims, if successful, can seriously affect a business. Not only may the company have to pay monetary compensation to the victims, but the reputation of the business also can be damaged.

Defective products lawsuits in Montana might turn out to be very complex, expensive and difficult to litigate. Most sellers and manufacturers rigorously defend the products they sell or make. An attorney who specializes in product liability cases may help explain the law better to consumers. Customers who have been victims of a product malfunctioning may choose to consult a legal professional for advice.