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Semi accident on Interstate 15 involves dangerous cargo


Semi-trucks are useful vehicles for hauling big loads. Many consumer goods like cell phones and clothing are packed up and placed on semis so that they can be moved from location to location. It is not unusual for Montana residents to see many semis on the highways and interstates when they are out and about, as the big trucks are popular vehicles with businesses throughout the nation.

Different semis can carry different types of loads. While the consumer goods mentioned in the prior paragraph may be hauled in box cars, other loads may require different types of towed storage. Building materials and machines may need to be towed on flatbeds while liquid and gas cargo may require containment in tankers.

Just recently, a semi accident on Interstate 15 put many individuals in danger due in large part to the cargo the truck was hauling. The driver of the truck fell asleep while operating his rig and hit a guardrail on the interstate. He attempted to correct the vehicle, but in the end the truck and its load rolled over and stopped upside down.

The truck was hauling liquid oxygen, which can be a very dangerous material when not properly contained. Thankfully the storage vessel in which it was being hauled stayed sealed, and none of the dangerous cargo leaked. The driver of the truck suffered minor injuries and was cited for several infractions.

This story is a good reminder to drivers that semi accidents can harm victims in different ways. A victim may require medical attention from any injuries sustained in the accident's impact and they may suffer more unusual harm if the semi was hauling products that can cause damage. Had this truck's load leaked, others may have been significantly injured and this story may have had a much worse result. Individuals who are harmed in semi accidents often have rights to seek compensation for the losses they sustain from their incidents.